May 5 2014. afterwards. →

my bed is empty

but I always dream that

sunlight filtered dust

traces your skin


i always dream that

shivering sheets show

traces of your skin

magnetizing my memory


shivering sheets show

yesterday’s coffee lips

magnetizing my memory 

of tantalizing taste


yesterday’s coffee lips

left budding bruises

tantalizing taste tests

the quiver of yearning


leave budding bruises

under sunlight filtered dust

tantalizing taste tests

in this empty bed again

late nights (2/20/14)

late nights (2/20/14)

february 14 2014. Serendipity. →

Like a rush of fresh air,

You’ve breathed butterflies into my mouth

Erupting veins, radiating life into my bones

Fingertips flutter across porcelain skin

Stories emerge from bumpy scars


Open palms and addicting smiles

      ‘I love you’ smiles

                ‘I dream of you’ smiles

Undeniable truths speak more


2AM phone calls with reluctant goodbyes

Catch the stars that dance along my heart

The image of you kisses away fatigue


They say home is where the heart is

and my heart is with you

february 10 2014. Naps. →

Whispering heartbeats

Pulled close, drift into slumber

Soft breath escapes lips

february 10 2014. Morning. →

Brisk scent of sunlight

Sip galaxies from your cup

Sleep washes away

february 3 2014. Thinking Place. →

plush clouds seduce creativity

centered bed rests humbly

meal making lulls ears

barely audible music in tune

fresh thoughts match fresh air

clean walls reflect clear mind


december 30 2013. 1:03pm. indescribable →

If I could show you

the way i feel for you

and what you are to me

the closest i could get

would be to show you

every breathtaking place

that makes you remember

that life is beautiful

november 19 2013. 7:38pm. Am I allowed to hate you? →

Am I allowed to hate you? You’ve never done anything to me. Not a damn thing. Deep down, i feel an uneasiness, a gut feeling that drives me towards distrust. I’m scared of people who wear masks. What are you hiding? I’m afraid to be around you. I’m afraid to show weakness around you. What are you? Am I allowed to hate you?

november 14 2013. 9:46pm. bruise. →

Why am i always hurting myself? Not on purpose but I occasionally injure myself pretty badly. I used to be a crybaby too but now I’ve gotten used to it.

november 13. 8:16pm. pieces. →

gather all the pieces of me
that you’ve found over time
put them all together
what do you find?